Meet Julia

A stay-at-home wife and mom residing in Columbus, OH, I run my own photography business in my spare time. 
I love to cook, craft, and create and blog about it all.

I pride and challenge myself in being thrifty... I think it's in my soul.
Although, I have a suspicion that if I came into a large sum of money,
I'd never visit a thrift store or shop off of Craigslist again.
(I don't think we have to worry about finding that one out!)

Even though I don't remember reading an entire book until college, I'm an avid (non-fiction) reader. I believe that I'm now making up for all of the things I didn't learn in school by indulging in learning as an adult.

I am passionate about: Jesus, people, loving my husband, shepherding my little Atticus & adoption.
*I would give up photography in a heartbeat for any these things.